China Girls “Study” Here to Get Singaporean Sugar Daddy


From “Her World”
June 2006 China Girls “Study” Here to Get Singaporean Sugar Daddy

Mr S M Jegan, a private investigator (PI or Private Eye) of Kokusai Security Pte Ltd, who has been in private investigation business since 1984, answers to the press interview on girls from China who stay in Singapore with student visas.”What those China girls are lookng for is a free ride. Most of them think Singaporeans are rich, and their objective is to live a tai-tai life. Many are not well-off and look to become mistresses.”Life of a student – as opposed to a full-time worker or prostitute – allows the facade of respectability and availability, and capitalizes on their youthfulness.Moreover, “As stuends, they will have more time to prowl for men, compared to if they were working, because school starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon. At night, they can socialize and meet men,” Jegan adds.Their usual targets are men in their 40s or 50s, with established careers and a BMW, Lexux or Mercedes thrown in. Never mind if he is married or has children. Once he is hooked, they will get him to pay for their expenses, including school fees, rent and living expenses, in exchange for sex.If you suspect that your husband is having such extra marital affairs, private detectives like Jegan can help you get evidence. But he strongly dicourages married people to go for divorce for such reasons. “Divorce is the very last resort. Marriage is a life-time commitment. Even your husband commits adultery, if he comes back to you, and if you can forgive him, stay on in marriage. Both of you will grow to be wonderful people.”

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