Commercial & Civil Cases


Check List
1. Cyber Crime
2. Fraudulent Claims
3. Pre-employment screening, credibility and background check
4. Surveillance on employee and their credibility
5. Investigation in foreign countries
6. Mischief & Vandalism
7. Theft
8. Cheating & CBT
9. Commercial Fraud
10. Intellectual Property
    ⇒ Trademark
    ⇒ Copyright/Patents
    ⇒ Confidential information / trade secrets

How to Conduct Search
Searching of premises with search warrant:
    ⇒ Enter the premises
    ⇒ Search for the specific items/goods
    ⇒ Seize only the specified items/goods
    ⇒ Safe keep the items/goods
    ⇒ Produce the seized items/goods in court

Singapore is a clean city. Our government and our criminal justice system is likewise clean and transparent. Private Investigators in Singapore similarly must be clean and transparent.

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