Media Writeups

China Girls “Study” Here to Get Singaporean Sugar Daddy

29 April 2016

From “Her World” June 2006 China Girls “Study” Here to Get Singaporean Sugar Daddy Mr S M Jegan, a private investigator [...]

More Parents Hiring PIs to Spy on Teens

29 April 2016

Businessmand C Y Wee grew concerned when his eldest son started coming home late from school and demanded a bigger [...]

SMS Killed My Marriage

29 April 2016

While SMSes have made lives easier since October 1995 when they came on the scene, they have also complicated social [...]

Viagra – The Marriage Wrecker

29 April 2016

Viagra has been in Singapore since 1999, and has enabled impotent men to have a normal sex life. But it [...]

Woman Accused of Database Leak

29 April 2016

A former customer service officer with SingTel Mobile was brought before a district court yesterday for allegedly tapping into her [...]

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