More Parents Hiring PIs to Spy on Teens


Businessmand C Y Wee grew concerned when his eldest son started coming home late from school and demanded a bigger allowance.The father confided in some friends and they advised him to hire a private investigator – PI or Private Eye – to find out what his 16-year-old son was up to.Mr S M Jegan, a private investigator of Kokusai Security Pte Ltd, who has been private investigation business since 1984, says that inquiries from parents tends to increase at the start of a new school year as their children make new friends, but this year, the increase has been overwhelming.Private investigators say that parents are concerned because more youth are getting into touble with the law.One such teenager was Mr Wee’s son. He found out that his son had joined a gang and was hanging out with them after school. He warned him of the consequences and now his son has reformed.”No parents want a child in jail,” said Mr Wee, “so it would be better if we find out what he is up to before somehting serious happens.”

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