How to Manage Private Investigation Business in Singapore

This guideline is written by Mr. Magnum Jegan, who is the pioneer and a leader of private investigation industry, since 1984, managing investigation business in line with the guidelines set up by Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Workforce Development Agency (WDA Singapore)

Mr. SM Jegan is a founder of Kokusai Pte Ltd, a company whose professionalism and dedication have earned wide media coverage on CNN and BBC as a well organised and established private investigators agency in the world.

Private Investigation is client-oriented, unlike Police investigation. Therefore, private investigators need to know the key elements of your case before undertaking any assignment. Collection of all information are based on communication and observation.

Why choose Best Private Investigators Agency


Every client is unique and every case is different. We know that our customers are simply looking for answers to questions. We pride ourselves in helping others by providing them reliable factual information so they can make educated decisions. When you choose us, you can interact directly with the investigator that is collecting the information, and will not receive it secondhand. We listen to understand your goals and devise a custom plan for achieving them.


We believe that an investigative firm is only as good as the investigators that work there. experienced and pioneer private investigators in singapore. We have over 35 years of actual in the field investigative experience and know how to leverage it to your benefit. Helping those that deserve it is our core objective and only the most qualified investigators are chosen for your work.


Who the client is and what is being investigated remains private between the investigators and the client. Always.
Under no circumstance do we reveal who is being investigated, who hired us, or the specifics of the investigation. You can rest assured that the our team of private investigators will not reveal this information to the subject of the investigation, random civilians, or even law enforcement.

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