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List of Long-Established Private Investigators in Singapore With Good Reviews [2023]

24 September 2023


Listen closely. Singapore, with its dazzling skyline and bustling streets, is not just a paradise for tourists. It’s a city of secrets. Secrets that every so often need unveiling. And who better to unveil these secrets than the city’s finest private investigators? The shadows of the Lion City are their playground. Their arsenal? A keen eye for detail, unmatched intuition, and an unwavering sense of justice.

These private investigators don’t just solve cases. They peel back the layers of the city, one secret at a time. They plunge into the depths of corporate corruption, they navigate through personal matters delicately, and they swiftly bring cheating partners to the light of day. Not all heroes wear capes, some carry a magnifying glass.

This isn’t a tale from a detective novel. This is reality. And in this real-world scenario, private investigators play a pivotal role in uncovering the truth. So, let’s delve into the world of Singapore’s well-established sleuths, who have been around the longest.

Unveiling the Long-established Private Investigators in Singapore with Good Reviews

Singapore’s long-established private investigators stand out with their exceptional skills and credibility. Here are the names:

2. Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte. Ltd. (Established in 1995)

Reviews: 11

Rating:  3.8

3. Nemesis Investigations Pte Ltd (Established in 2001)

Reviews: N/A

Rating:  N/A

4. Ranger Investigation & Security Services Pte Ltd (Established in 2003)

Reviews: N/A

Rating:  N/A

5. Goldeneye Investigation and Security Services Pte Ltd (Established in 2003)

Reviews: N/A

Rating:  5

6. Karma Security Private Investigation Pte Ltd (Established in 2004)

Reviews: N/A

Rating:  N/A

7. D P Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte. Ltd. (Established in 2005)

Reviews: 23

Rating:  3.7

8. Armour Security & Investigations Pte. Ltd. (Established in 2005)

Reviews: 44

Rating:  5

9. CDiC Consultants LLP (Established in 2006)

Reviews: 2

Rating:  5

10. Regional Investigation & Security Services Pte Ltd (Established in 2007)

Reviews: 2

Rating:  4.5

11. Integrity Investigation Services (Established in 2008)

Reviews: 2

Rating:  4.3

12. Adrian & Mckenzie Investigators LLP (Established in 2012)

Reviews: 1

Rating:  1

13. SG Investigators (Established in 2014)

Reviews: 3

Rating:  2.7

14. International Investigators (Established in 2014)

Reviews: 37

Rating:  3.9

15. Privateye Investigation & Consultancy Pte Ltd (Established in 2014)

Reviews: 61

Rating:  4.4

16. DataExperrt Singapore Pte Ltd (Established in 2014)

Reviews: 13

Rating:  5

17. Acestes Pte Ltd (Established in 2014)

Reviews: 71

Rating:  4.6

18. A K Global Investigation Pte. Ltd. (Established in 2017)

Reviews: 6

Rating:  4.3

19. Ace Private Investigations Pte Ltd (Established in 2020)

Reviews: 39

Rating:  4.9

20. S K Investigation Services (Established in 2020)

Reviews: 15

Rating:  4.7

21. Asia Top Investigation LLP (Established in 2019)

Reviews: 93

Rating:  4.8

22. Detective Don PI Pte. Ltd. (Established in 2020)

Reviews: 35

Rating:  4.8

23. Resilient Investigations LLP (Established in 2020)

Reviews: 11

Rating:  3.5

24. Commercial Investigation (Established in 2005)

Reviews: N/A

Rating:  N/A

25. Linear Investigation & Consultancy (Established in 2022)

Reviews: 2

Rating:  5

26. Eyes Private Investigators (Established in 2022)

Reviews: N/A

Rating:  N/A

The Final Truth

In the Lion City’s world of private investigation, truth reigns supreme. Private investigators are the sentinels of justice, who bring out the truth to make lives better. Through their lenses, we see the darker shades of Singapore, only to appreciate the brilliance of the city even more. These long-established private investigators in Singapore are trusted firms who excel in their respective fields. Whether you’re facing personal or corporate challenges that require investigative services, these agencies and professionals can provide you with the expertise and discretion you need to find solutions and obtain peace of mind. Remember that when engaging any investigative service, always ensure they are licensed and follow legal and ethical standards.

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